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Australian Presence

Nanobubble Systems Australian BDM, Leon Power, resides in Wollongong and gives his thoughts on why he likes working in the Nanobubble Industry:

 For me, I really love the fact that with this new technology we can solve many existing problems through out a whole range of industries, whether that be lake and pond algae mitigation, increased productivity in primary production, reduction of chemical, electrical and general costs in separation technologies and cleaning, or simply more efficient transfer of gas to water.

Although the industry has a lot to learn, commercial installations are growing at a exponential rate and as this continues, we grow our understanding of where it presents the opportunity to increase efficiencies, economics and reduce environmental impact of many industries.

Leon Power Australia Nanobubbles

Leon has an undergraduate Bachelor in Applied Science with major in Agriculture from Massey University in New Zealand, and, a Masters in Business Administration with Renewable Energy major from Beuth Hochshule Fur Technik Berlin with thesis on the topic of Potential for Nanobubbles in anaerobic biodigesters.

Hailing from rural NZ, his passions are anything farming, energy efficiency and rugby!

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