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Nanobubble systems in Horticulture

Dissolved Air

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Horticulture & Hydroponics

Plants require oxygen to grow. Maintaining adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water is the easiest way to increase a plant's health. Elevated DO levels reduce disease and enhance root mass, which increases nutrient uptake and conversion efficiency. Our nanobubble gas-injection technology is the ideal solution for horticulture applications by rapidly elevating and maintaining supersaturated DO levels in irrigation water to help push the genetic potential of plants. Supercharging a plant's metabolism with oxygen can increase yield while reducing the crop-turn cycle.

Horticulture & Hydroponics


Increased Yield

Plants absorb water and nutrients through root systems, which require oxygen for aerobic respiration. Higher DO levels in the root zone combined with the size, stability and surface charge of nanobubbles, result in higher root mass, allowing the plants to absorb nutrients and water more efficiently. An enhanced plant metabolism allows the conversion of these inputs into plant mass, resulting in increased fruiting and flowering yields.

Healthier Roots

A plant's roots need beneficial bacteria, which flourish in an oxygen-rich environment. Pathogens thrive in an environment that does not contain or is severely lacking oxygen. Increasing the DO levels in the root zone promotes good bacteria, helping the roots become stronger. Conversely, harmful bacteria and diseases, such as Pythium, can take hold when the environment around the plant's roots becomes anaerobic or depleted of oxygen. Elevated DO levels combined with the oxidation potential of oxygen-enriched nanobubbles prevent root-borne disease and reduce the need for costly chemicals, such as fungicides.

Cleaning Processes

Oil & Gas

Enhanced Growth Rates

Healthy roots with a steady oxygen supply have better respiration and capability to absorb more ions in solution, such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. This efficient absorption enables plants to mature more quickly and begin their fruiting and flowering cycles earlier. The rapid and healthy maturation of the plants allows farmers and cultivators to reduce their growth cycle time, enabling more crop turns per year and increasing revenue.

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