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+100 installed systems for lakes and pond.

Nanobubble Systems supplier Moleaer now have over 100 successfully operating nanobubble systems for the treatment of algae and odour, and over 400 including all other industries such as hydroponics, aquaculture and DAFs.

“Where there was originally some scepticism about the claims being made about what nanobubble addition can do, now there is very little doubt about its effectiveness as a chemical free algal and odour treatment” - Australian sales rep Leon Power.

The key difference is nanobubbles provide solutions where traditional aeration or chemical addition cannot. Primarily, the nanobubbles provide a mild oxidative effect that occurs on collapse of the gas bubble, this causes lysis of algal cells responsible for visual blooms and is the predominant reason for improved water quality and removal of algae and odour issues.”

Although we are also adding large amounts of oxygen to the water body, it is actually a gas injection and these nanobubbles will spread out like a plume before collapsing, increasing the dissolved oxygen level of the water at all depths and is unaffected by stratification.

Before and After common algal Cyanobacteria Australia New Zealand.

Both points make it a great solution to fighting common algal and odour problems, such as Cyanobacteria, which are an ever-growing issue in Australia and New Zealand.

Comparison table Chemicals vs Nanobubbles Aquaculture New Zealand and Australia
Comparison table Nanobubbles vs Aeration

We have models available for all sizes and situations. If you would like more information, studies or references, please don’t hesitate to get in touch anytime.

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