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Nanobubbles Increase Profitability of Aquaculture

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Recent studies indicate that use of Nanobubbles greatly decreases bacterial count and improves feed conversion rates, whilst increasing survivability, growth rate and total productivity in aquaculture.

Nanobubbles Increase Profitability of Aquaculture in Australia and New Zealand
Nanobubbles Increase Profitability of Aquaculture

A recent 2020 study on a shrimp farm, where supplemental nanobubble aeration was used to increase average DO level by 1.2mg/l, presented strong results especially in areas of animal health, growth rate and improved feed conversion.

Nanobubbles Aquaculture New Zealand and Australia

Rahmawati, A.I., et al. (2020). Enhancement of Penaeus vannamei shrimp growth using nanobubble in indoor raceway pond. Aquaculture and Fisheries

Nanobubble Systems Australian business development manager, Leon Power quoted “The results of this study are obviously quite astonishing, but a lot of the effects, especially reduced pathogen levels, increased health and feed conversion rate, are similar to what we have seen in other studies where nanobubbles are added to the water supply of various animals. It is also similar to what we are personally seeing in many other industries where nanobubble systems are increasingly being used commercially for salmon farming, hydroponics, algae control, CIP cleaning and sterilisation”.

Nanobubbles Aeration Australia Vibrio bacteria

One of the key reasons for these improvements, outside of higher DO level, is because nanobubbles produce small amounts of hydroxyl radicals which gives an overall mild oxidative effect to the water body. This presents an economic, chemical free way of treating bacterial and algal issues whilst improving water quality.

“When you combine the extremely high gas transfer efficiency (>90%) of our Nanobubble Systems, with these animal health benefits, it can add significant economic benefit to many of the existing aquaculture producers in Australia and New Zealand”.

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The new Neo range of Moleaer nanobubble generators are perfectly suited to hatcheries and smaller onshore operations for supplemental aeration. They provide a robust and reliable NB generator that's supplied as a complete turnkey system, incorporating: oxygen generator; DO meter; and remote monitoring. Where larger aeration requirements are needed, we can also integrate larger existing models.

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